From pirate bulls to C.V. incubation...

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Say "Arrrrr!" to Captain Long John Silverside and his scurvy crew of sea-bulls in Bullion - the Curse of the Cutthroat Cattle - our latest venture and the pilot for our new "C.V. incubator" style of projects!

We've teamed up with talented young individuals looking to break into game development to help them with their ambitions for game-making for our first venture outside the mobile market. Combining their passion, drive and inventiveness with our own, we are on a quest to bring a new mix of cooperation and competition in this multi-player pirate bull brawler.

News and Events

Play Bullion at Play Expo London!

July 3rd 2018

We're heading for Replay Event's debut London show! Join us there!

Introducing Cap'n Krackerz

June 24th 2018

Our first boss battle is taking shape - find out how it is being put together

GEEK 2018 Write-up

February 27th 2018

Lead artist Matthew's thoughts on Bullion's second GEEK outing

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