"Fun to create, fun to play!" - that's the aspiration we have for our games at Leda Entertainment. Hailing from a background of development since the mid '90s, we are a hobbyist group dedicated to writing smartphone games, with a passion for quirky puzzles and the video arcades that inspired us.

From our early days as Ledasoft Developments Inc, through to our current titles and future plans - it's all here on this site. So thanks for stopping by - we hope you enjoy your visit, and our games.


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Spotlight: Blade Force Rescue

Blade Force Rescue

Fly military missions in hostile territory - rescue the hostages!

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26/03/2016 by Ben

It's been a while coming, but we're very pleased to say that Bopscotch is back for iOS - and with a huge update for all platforms, including the new Lava Cave zone, level ranking, bomb blocks and updated soundtrack and visuals!

As if this wasn't enough, we've also changed the pricing on our mobile platforms, which means (big announcement time) Bopscotch is now available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone!

To celebrate this, we're giving away two costumes that used to be part of the paid version of the game - just download on mobile and when the game starts, the costumes will unlock. But this is only available for limited period, so get downloading now!

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