Our team and vision...

A "Grassroots" Game Studio?

Back when we first started (in 1992 - can you believe it?), there was no "indie"... now, over twenty five years later, "indie" is nearly flippin' everybody! And, while they may not be wearing suits these days, the money-men are definitely driving the "indie" scene, which really does not sit well with us; we love making games, having fun and entertaining people, not grubbing over loot boxes and microtransactions! We're just "ordinary" guys, all about making our games for people to enjoy... we're grassroots.

The Old Dogs...

Ben Pritchard: Programmer & Project Coordinator

Ben heads up code development for Bullion, and also handles much of the project planning. Instigator of the C.V. incubator program and developer of eight previous Leda titles, Ben is also known for attempting to solve every problem with post-it notes.

Paul Harman: Programmer & AI Technical Lead

Paul is the brains behind the AI engine that will drive Bullion's characters, but is far from a one-trick pony, having created six previous Leda titles singlehandedly. Thanks to his BAHA, he is also the team's resident cyborg.

Developing developers...

About the time we started our grassroots journey, we began to notice that there's a whole lot of untapped talent out there - some very skilled people trying to break into the games industry, but stuck behind the "must have a published title/experience" wall. And since we wanted to be about people, how better to go about it than trying to give these guys a hand? So the C.V. Incubator concept was born - we get to take Leda Entertainment games to a new level, they get their C.V.s primed for that dream job, and our players get a great new game to play - everyone wins!

The Young Guns...

Matthew Isteed: Lead Concept & 3D Artist/Animator

Matthew joined in the development of Bullion following working with Ben P at Global Game Jam 2016. His outstanding character designs and animations are surpassed only by his knowledge of random game and animation facts.

Stuart DeVille: 3D Artist/Animator

Despite having worked at the same company several years prior to Bullion, it was through bumping into Ben P again at an indie developer meet-up that Stuart joined the Bullion team. In addition to his character work, Stuart also takes the credit for the slogan "So I made a thing..."


The early days

1992 - 1995

We learned how to make games and released our first titles on the Atari ST

The doldrums

1996 - 2008

We had to grow up, get jobs and didn't really have time to make games... but we tried!

The renaissance

2009 - 2010

We discovered XNA and Xbox Live Indie Games, and decided to get our act together...

The mobile era

2011 - 2014

We thought that mobile might work well for us... but so did everyone else!

The breakthrough

2014 - 2015

Expo audience feedback shows us a new path; the "indie" market state makes us choose it

The present


We go grassroots with an aim to have fun making games and help develop developers

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