Ben Pritchard

Ben started coding at the age of nine when a chance combination of his school's BBC, three "learn to program" books for kids and Bonfire Night inspired him to write a missing word game based on the firework safety code. Shortly after moving up to secondary school, he begin writing text adventures for the Amstrad CPC.

Influenced by Paul Harman, Ben bought an Atari ST that bundled the STOS Basic games programming language, allowing him to progress to 2D graphical games, two of which were published in the mid 90's via a licenceware scheme under the LedaSoft Developments Inc. label.

Unable to afford the cost or time to migrate to the PC when the Atari was superceded, Ben was unable to develop games for several years until discovering the XNA framework. With the aid of long-term co-developer Paul Harman, he re-invented the Leda label as Leda Entertainment.

Ben now lives in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire with his fiancee, Emma, and develops websites for a living.

Paul Harman

Paul's love of computer games started in 1985 at age 9 when he played a text adventure on the school's BBC B. Writing simple programs in turtle graphics languages, and then in BASIC, followed shortly afterwards; at secondary school he found a Peter Killworth book on writing text adventures and never looked back.

Friendly competition with Ben fostered a highly creative atmosphere in the early 1990s on the Atari ST. By the late 90's Paul was finishing university and wrote a multi-player game with a significant AI component for his Master's thesis, in DirectX for PC.

Now a family man living in Milton Keynes with wife Vivienne and two sons, Paul manages to find the odd moment on his daily commute to work on games projects. Paul writes games for fun and hopes that comes through in his work so that others can enjoy them too.

Friends of Leda Entertainment:

Made in Creative UK

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Made in Creative UK aims to increase awareness of the game development in the United Kingdom. Participating companies can be identified with a Made in Creative UK logo in their games and on their websites.

As well as creating games, Leda Entertainment hopes to inspire others to develop games and is proud to be part of this programme.



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