Leda Titles, Past and Present

Bullion - The Curse of the Cutthroat Cattle

Pilot for our C.V. Incubator project style, Bullion is a local multiplayer brawler, featuring a cast of pirate bulls and cows and a competitive-cooperative gameplay style. Drawn to the forbidden Iles de Ser-Lloyn (yes, it's all about the cow puns!) by the lure of lost riches, these bovine buccaneers have brought down the wrath of the island gods upon themselves: only one may survive the Curse of the Cutthroat Cattle - or none at all...

Currently in development, we will be confirming release dates and platforms when we are a bit closer to finishing. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Bullion Website, blog, and facebook and twitter feeds - and our news and events listings on here for expo dates.


Originally a mobile game, Bopscotch is a non-stop platform runner (okay, "bouncer" would be nearer the mark), with over 100 single player levels and device-to- device cross-platform racing. Bounce, jump, smash and much through six colourful zones, and unlock costumes to customise your "Bopper" characters.

Bopscotch started us down our grassroots journey, thanks to huge demand for a non-mobile version at an expo we were demoing at: as a direct result, we put together a version for the Xbox360, which then left its mobile counterparts miles behind in terms of downloads. Following the shutdown of the Xbox Live Indie Games programme, we have stopped supporting the mobile versions - however, we are now considering bringing Bopscotch to more up-to-date consoles.

The Leda Arcade Collection

A series of mobile titles between 2012 and 2013 paying tribute to the coin-op games of the video arcade era. Originally for Windows Phone, several were ported to Android before support was withdrawn.

Galaxy Raiders

Crack the Crypts


Blade Force Rescue

Magic Gem Kingdoms


Other mobile titles

Astroswag (2011)

Intersceptre (2011)

Rummycomb (2011)

Gravicon (2013)

Jump, Stinky! Jump! (2015)

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