Jump aboard the S.S. "Liberator" and grab some space loot!

AstroSwag puts you in command of a small salvage ship, with the objective of retrieving valuable Galanium crystals from wrecked spacecraft. With only a tractor beam at your disposal and time running out before the Space Cops catch on to what you are up to, you must choose whether the collect the swag you grab, or turn it into your only weapon.


  • Collect loot in receiver pods, or use it to knock out enemy drone craft
  • Brave the asteroids to find hidden power-ups
  • Test your skill, speed and aim to earn the maximum ranking for each level
  • Hone your abilities to achieve incredible feats and unlock new features


AstroSwag was written for the XNA-UK user group Windows Phone competition, with the basic version completed after only six days of development.

Promotional Trailer