Fly your Blade Force chopper behind enemy lines to find where the hostages are being held, then drop in your squad to release them, collect them and fly them safely home - or raid the enemy bases to locate bombs and missiles to destroy strategic targets and complete special missions! Catch the supply crates dropped by certain enemy choppers to boost your fuel and armour levels to keep flying and fighting - have you got what it takes to grab the top spot on the online high-score table?

The Leda Arcade Collection project is a tribute to the golden age of the video arcade - visit the Leda Arcade Collection Concept page to learn more.

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Latest High Scores

VISHWM1385Mar 21, 2017
GHH2555Mar 21, 2017
OU1075Mar 17, 2017
441005Mar 16, 2017
44XX4980Mar 15, 2017

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