Now Free on Mobile

Trial limitations have been removed on mobile versions - download the full version of Bopscotch for iOS, Android and Windows Phone now!

Bounce, jump, smash and munch across the world of Bopscotch! Take on fiendish solo play levels in adventure mode, or link up and go head-to-head against a friend in race mode!

Take control of a "Bopper", bouncing across multiple colourful stages - you can speed up, slow down and jump, but you can't stop! Grab all the candy you can, use signs to change speed limits and direction, and smash through crates to open up new routes and find hidden bonuses - or to power up when racing!

Also available on Xbox 360!

Visit the Xbox Live Store , or search for "Bopscotch" on your console!


  • Single player "adventure" mode with over one hundred levels
  • Two player "race" mode with six courses
  • Unique cross-platform device-to-device real-time racing on mobile versions
  • Unlockable costumes to customise "Bopper" characters
  • New! Level performance ranking
  • New! Lava Cave zone
  • New! Updated visuals and soundtrack


Bopscotch was originally designed as a 3D tile-flipping game, under the project name of "WeeSmall" - so called due to most of the development being done in the "Wee Small" hours of the morning! While this redesign for mobile is very different from its predecessor, it still largely retains the original's development schedule...

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Over 100 single player levels in adventure mode
Go head-to-head with friends on Xbox360
New Lava Cave zone and race circuit
Race in real-time on mobile via wifi
Link up mobile devices and race on wifi - no server needed