Relive the heyday of the video arcade with InterSceptre's combination of Breakout and Pong!

InterSceptre takes two classic arcade games - Breakout and Pong - and combines them with a new twist: you must defend the wall of blocks behind you while attempting to break through that of your computerised opponent in a multi-round match. Each time you win, your wall loses a line of bricks - can you overcome the odds and win with only a one-line wall?


  • Fully configurable options allow you to tailor how difficult your matches are
  • Use black and white holes to shoot round corners and wrong-foot your opponent


From its original incarnation as "Reflekt" on the Atari ST, InterSceptre has been around in various shapes and forms for nearly 20 years! This new version in XNA combines all the features of its predecessors to create a definitive version of the game that was LedaSoft Developments Inc.'s first shareware title.

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