Match up sets of tokens by colour or by suit - or both - on Rummycomb's hexagonal grid. Help to match sets by raising the metallic rams, bumping columns of tokens up a level - but be warned, you can't lower them again afterwards! Three different modes of play await you, testing your nerve and reactions as you try to clear the grid, score as high as possible and keep playing for as long as you can!


  • Three modes of play - Challenge, Endurance and Survival
  • Multiple themes - choose how your game will look
  • Bump the grid in your favour with rams
  • A multitude of hidden bonuses to discover
  • Compete for the top of the online leaderboards


Rummycomb's origin can be traced to a conversation between Paul (the developer) and his wife in which she asked him why he never wrote games she would like to play - Rummycomb was Paul's response!