Coming Soon! to Windows Phone and iOS...

Don't wash out! Jump and climb to stay ahead of the rising waters and keep on stinking as long as you can!

"Jump, Stinky! Jump!" is the story of a sock that has been worn for so long and that it has achieved life through it's stinkiness! But now that life is in peril - rising waters bring the threat of washing away that life-giving stink... Control the timing and height of our heroic sock's jump as it bounces back and forth, and stay ahead of the flood as long as you can!

Described as "more annoying than Flappy Bird" by it's playtesters, "Jump, Stinky! Jump!" will keep you coming back for "just one more go"...


  • Fast-paced platformer action
  • Earn trophies for impressive moves
  • Post your progress on Facebook


The stinky sock was inspired by Ben's (the developer) younger brother who, as a child, used to hate changing his socks.